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Tech Data
REF5050 Long Term Stability Test
The 5 data plots are from 0.1% accurate (plus or minus 5mV), 8ppm/C,  un-trimmed REF5050A's.  Note that more stable REF5050ID (3ppm/C) devices are used in the REF5-01 Voltage Reference.  The curves tend to validate the concept of a 200-hour 'aging' before the completed references are shipped, i.e.,  a relatively large amount of drift occurs in the first few days.  Occasionally, all of the references increase or decrease their voltage in unison.  The reason for this is due to ambient temperature effects; the temperature in the room where these tests are being conducted is 20 degrees C plus or minus 4 degrees.  Also, there appears to be a correlation between seasonal relative humidity changes and shifts in the references voltage.