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.002% Voltage Reference

Model Vref5-002 Precision Voltage Reference

The Vref5-002 is a 5.000V, 0.0025% accurate precision voltage reference.  Housed in an anodized aluminum enclosure with rubber feet, this reference will be a great addition to your test bench. Based upon the Cirrus Logic VRE305A (used to be Thaler), proprietary laser trimmed circuitry provides excellent stability and accuracy without an oven!  Output terminals are gold plated banana jacks.  Input power is provided by included 24VDC, UL listed power supply.  Input power connector has locking ring to prevent accidental unplugging.  Red LED adjacent to output terminals provides visual indication that reference is powered-up. At time of shipment, the Vref5-002 is adjusted to be within 5uV of 5.000000V as measured by our calibrated 0.0008% accurate Keysight 3458A 8.5 digit DMM.  Free calibration is included for first two years after purchase- user just pays shipping/insurance both ways; subsequent calibrations are $7.50 plus $8.50 shipping.

Accuracy: 0.0025%  
Stability: Reference output is guaranteed to be within 125uV (0.0025%) of 5V for 6 months.  Ambient temperature must be within 6
oF of calibration temperature (typically 68 oF)
Load regulation: 3ppm/mA
Temperature coefficient: 0.83ppm/
oF, typ.
Output noise (0.1 to 10Hz): 3uV p-p typical
Size: 5" W x 4" D x 2" H
Power requirements: 110 - 130VAC 60Hz to power included 24VDC power supply.
Warm up time: 30 minutes