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1.  When do I need to change the battery in my product?  Here are the minimum battery voltages for our products: Vref5-01: 6.5V, DMMCheck, DMMCheck Plus: 7.6V, PentaRef and Vref10: 7V

2.  What is the effect on accuracy when the 9V battery voltage starts falling?  Linear voltage regulators are used in the DMMCheck, DMMCheck Plus, Vref10,  and PentaRef so the effect of battery voltage decreases, down to the minimum value noted above, are negligible.  The REF5050 voltage reference chip which is the heart of the VREF5-01 has excellent line regulation: 1ppm/Volt which means that for every 1V of battery voltage drop the 5V reference reference output will drop 1ppm, or 5uV.  

3.  Is there any warm-up or stabilizing time?  If you turn on your REF5-01 at least 5 minutes before you intend to use it, you should be in good shape; for DMMCheck, DMMCheck Plus, and PentaRef please wait at least 10 minutes.  For highest accuracy the ambient temperature should be as close as possible to the calibration temperature noted on the unit (typically 70 degrees F)

4.  Is there any benefit to running your products continuously from an AC supply with battery backup?  Yes, the aging rate of the LT1021 voltage reference IC used in DMMCheck, DMMCheck Plus, Vref10, and PentaRef is proportional to the square root of the number of powered-on kilo-hours.  For example, if, say, the voltage gradually drifts 10uV in 1000 hours, then the drift in the next 4000 hours would be expected to be 20uV.

  Do you ship to destinations outside of the USA?  Yes, we accept international orders.  If you don't see your country on the list of 'ship-to' countries, please contact us.

6.  How much of a load can I connect to a VRef5-01?  The REF5050 voltage reference IC used in the Vref5-01 has a worst-case load regulation value of 30ppm/mA.  This means that for every 1mA of load current, the output voltage can change by up to 150uV.  For maximum accuracy, we recommend load resistances of 100KOhms or higher.

7.  How much of a load can I connect to DMMCheck or DMMCheck Plus? The LT1021BCN8-5 voltage reference IC used in these products has a worst-case load regulation value of 20ppm/mA.  This means that for every 1mA of load current, the output can change by up to 100uV.  Our testing indicates that this specification is conservative and most IC's are at least  twice as good as this worst-case number.  This load regulation specification is good to loads of up to 10mA.  We recommend a load of 1MOhm or higher for best accuracy.

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